Category: Nephrology

PIVOTAL Trial (2019): Intravenous Iron in Patients Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis

PIVOTAL Trial Summary: Macdougall et al. randomized 2141 adults undergoing maintenance HD to receive either high-dose IV iron sucrose in a proactive fashion (400 mg monthly, unless ferritin >700 μg/l or transferrin saturation ≥40%), or low-dose IV iron, in a reactive fashion (0 to 400mg monthly, with a ferritin<200 μg/l or a transferrin saturation <20%..

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CARRESS-HF Trial (2012): Ultrafiltration in Decompensated Heart Failure with Cardiorenal Syndrome

CARRESS HF Trial Summary: Bart et al. randomized 188 patients with decompensated acute heart failure and worsening renal function (Increase in serum creatinine ≥0.3 mg/dL) – [cardiorenal syndrome] to ultrafiltration (fluid removal of 200 mL/hr, n=94) or medical therapy (Protocol driven IV diuresis, n=94). The primary objective was to assess if ultrafiltration improves volume removal,..

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RENAL Trial (2009): Intensity of CRRT in Critically Ill Patients

2009, Intensity of Continuous Renal-Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients (RENAL), NEJM The RENAL trial was one of the largest trials that addressed an important question of doing continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) in critically ill patients with renal impairment. Based on this trial, high intensity CRRT at flow rate of 40 ml/kg/hr was found..

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