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TRICC Trial (1999): Transfusion requirements in critical care

TRICC trial visual abstract

TRICC trial Summary: Hebert PC et al. randomized 838 critically ill patients with anemia Hb < 9.0 g/dL within 72 hours after the ICU admission to either restrictive transfusion strategy (Hb 7-9) or liberal strategy (Hb 10-12). The objective was to compare the effect of restrictive transfusion goal with a liberal transfusion goal on mortality in critically ill patients. The results showed no difference in 30 day mortality but in-hospital, mortality was less in restrtive group. The authors of the TRICC trial concluded that a restrictive strategy of red-cell transfusion is at least as effective as and possibly superior to a liberal transfusion strategy in critically ill patients.

Source: NEJM

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