SPRINT Trial: Intensive versus Standard Blood Pressure Control

sprint trial visual abstract on standard versus intensive blood pressure control

The SPRINT trial study was an important leap towards tighter blood pressure control in patients who had a history of cardiovascular disease and were at high risk of recurrent event but with no history of stroke or diabetes.

Guidelines update based on SPRINT trial

The 2017 ACC/AHA update on hypertension recommended:

For patients with Stable coronary artery disease – Treat to BP goal <130/80 mm Hg (COR I, LOE B-R for SBP and C-EO for DBP)

Use antihypertensive medications if prior clinical CVD or 10-year ASCVD risk score is ≥10% and BP is ≥130/≥80 mm Hg (COR I, LOE A for SBP and C-EO for DBP)

Source: NEJM,