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    PARTNER 3 Trial (2019): Transcatheter Aortic-Valve Replacement With a Balloon-Expandable Valve in Low-Risk Patients


    PARTNER 3 Trial Summary: Mack MJ et al. randomized 1000 patients (mean age, 73 years), male population (69.3%), with lower STS-PROM scores (mean 1.9%) and fewer comorbidities (low-risk surgical candidates) to either TAVR with balloon-expanded valve or surgery. The primary objective was to compare outcomes with TAVR vs. surgical AV replacement in patients with severe AS and low surgical risk. Based on the results the composite of death from any cause, stroke, or rehospitalization was significantly lower in patients undergoing TAVR as compared with surgery. (P<0.001 for noninferiority, P=0.001 for superiority). The authors of PARTNER 3 trial concluded that among patients with severe AS who were at low surgical risk, the rate of the composite of death, stroke, or rehospitalization at 1 year was significantly lower with TAVR than with surgery.

    Source: NEJM