Title: HACA Trial Summary: Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia to Improve the Neurologic Outcome

Design: Multicenter, parallel-group, open-label, randomized controlled trial

Objective: Does mild hypothermia improve neurologic outcomes in patients with cardiac arrest due to VF or pulseless VT


Year of publication: 2002

Inclusion Criteria: Patients with ROSC after witnessed cardiac arrest, VF or pulseless VT, or presumed arrest of cardiac origin

Comparison groups: 32-34C within 4 hours after ROSC Hypothermia group (n=137) vs Normothermia group (n=138)

Primary Outcome:

  • Favorable neurologic outcome within 6 months (RR 1.40; 95% CI 1.08-1.81; 55% vs 39% P=0.009)

Secondary Outcome:

  • 6-month mortality (RR 0.74; 95% CI 0.58-0.95; 41% vs 55% P=0.02)

Conclusion: Mild therapeutic hypothermia (32-34 C) improved neurologic outcomes and reduced mortality at six months in patients who achieved ROSC after VF or pulseless VT arrest

Source: Holzer M, et al.|  NEJM. 2002. 346(8):549-556| Visualmed.org