Critical Care

PreVent Trial (2019): Bag-Mask Ventilation during Tracheal Intubation of Critically Ill Adults

PreVent Trial Visual Abstract

PreVent Trial Summary: Casey et al. randomized 401 adults (age, ≥18 years) undergoing induction and tracheal intubation to either bag-mask ventilation during the bridging process or no ventilation. The primary objective was to assess whether positive-pressure ventilation with a bag-mask device during tracheal intubation of critically ill adults prevents hypoxemia without increasing the risk of aspiration. The results showed that patients who did not undergo ventilation have significant lowest oxygen saturation events between induction and 2 minutes after tracheal intubation. No additional risk of aspiration was noted. The authors of PreVent trial concluded that among critically ill adults undergoing tracheal intubation, patients receiving bag-mask ventilation had higher O2 saturation and a lower incidence of severe hypoxemia than those receiving no ventilation.

Source: NEJM