Cardiovascular Infectious Disease

EASE Trial: Early Surgery versus Conventional Treatment for Infective Endocarditis

The EASE trial was a prospective randomized clinical trial that aimed to assess if early surgery reduces mortality and embolic events as compared to conventional treatment among patients with left-sided native-valve endocarditis (NVE) at high risk of embolic events. It included 76 patients with Left-sided NVE diagnosed according to the modified Duke criteria. Patients also had high risk of embolism with severe mitral valve or aortic valve disease and vegetation diameter >10mm. They were randomized to early surgery (37) vs. conventional treatment (39). As compared with conventional treatment, early surgery in patients with infective endocarditis and large vegetations significantly reduced the composite endpoint of death from any cause and embolic events (HR 0.10; 95% CI 0.01-0.82; P=0.03).